Network Marketing

So I have been a busy bee lately. I very quickly figured out that I need to traffic an audience to my boutique. I’m currently attempting this in a few ways…

1. Found an AWESOME website called CoPromote ( CoPromote is, in a nutshell, a network of publishers. As explained on their website, you can easily promote your Facebook, twitter, and tumblr posts on their platform to combine your social reach with other publishers and reach millions of new people. There is a free membership plan available as well as paid membership plans that offer more services. It’s been useful so far by helping me reach a lot of people and build a larger network.

2. I’m currently reading Eric Worre’s “Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional”. (See below for a brief autobiography of Eric Worre from the website, You can buy the Kindle edition of this book. It’s a very interesting read so far. He introduces and discusses 7 steps to improve your network marketing platform. He provides detailed examples on how to practice and master each step. I’m about half-way through the book… after I finish reading it I will post a book review, so look forward to that in the very near future!

Eric Worre has been a leader in the Network Marketing Profession for over 25 years. Although he’s now retired from being a distributor and focused exclusively on Network Marketing Pro, his career has given him a broad range of experience. He’s been a top field producer, building sales organizations totaling over 500,000 distributors in over 60 countries; the President of a $200 million dollar Network Marketing company; a co-founder and president of his own company, TPN- The Peoples Network; and a high level marketing consultant to the Network Marketing Profession.

And finally…

3. I want to traffic an audience to my Facebook page – which is currently the central hub for all of my information related to my online boutique. I want to see what all of this paid Facebook advertising hype is about… so I bought some ad space. So far I’ve reached 98 people in less that 12 hours, but no new “likes” yet. After my ad is finished running on Facebook I will write a post about how effective it was for me.

So like I said… and as you can probably tell… I’ve been a busy gal. Stay tuned for more and be on the look out for a product review post very soon (should be getting some new jewelry in the mail in the very near future – yayyy!).

I hope you all had a very fun and safe 4th of July holiday. I know I did! (My poodle, Larry also enjoyed the holiday. He dressed very festive.)

Best Shopping Wishes,


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